“I don’t know what I want to do, I feel lost”

That’s okay! I can translate and transform what you are thinking into life plans and obtainable personal and professional goals. Through strategic conversation and tested tools, I can guide you to finding your answers and your next steps for your purpose.


“I know what I want, but need a little help”

Awesome! Together we will work through a roadmap for navigating the professional skills, knowledge, networking, time management, organization, and/ or confidence tools you need to fulfill your career goal or life purpose.


“I need high impact executive coaching to boost me to the next level of my career”

Congratulations! An investment in your development and an in-depth evaluation and refinement for: executive presence, presentation, communication skills, conflict and change management, and leadership will allow you achieve your goals.


Services Offered:

Personality & professional assessment models to direct you on the type of work you were made to do.

1:1 Professional coaching on your purpose with a personalized strategic game plan for you to pursue your passion with confidence and clarity.

An accountability coach to ensure you stay on track.

Tailored cover letters, creative resumes, and LinkedIn profile creation with content structured to maximize on recruiting searches.

Job Search, networking, time management, and mentoring strategies.

Review, feedback, and consulting on writing or project management, comprehensive thesis or dissertation writing help, research or design synthesizing.

Creating and marketing your personal brand with confidence.

Executive presence coaching. Speaking with impact and conviction.

Leadership and management excellence training.

Executive level presentation design services.

I believe in transparency as well as flexibility, so I list and tailor my pricing according to your specific need.

Lost: $85 per hour or package price of $349 for 5 hours.

Help: $125 per hour or package price of $469 for 5 hours.

Presence: $140 per hour of package prices of $525 for 5 hours.

Ask to see an extensive portfolio of work and client references.