Business Consulting to launch or scale your business.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Each business leader has a specific need or area that they could use advice on. The below specialties, together, constitute a complete business plan; but dependent on your business stage or need, each offer can be purchased independently. These offerings are designed to support and empower you to move confidently in your business goals in an efficient and creative manner.

How I Can Help:

A partnership through and through, I work alongside you to fuse efficiency with creativity and deliver tangible results with the following services:

What To Do First …

Build your foundation … a successful launch of a new business or new business initiative will achieve success if it is founded with a solid understanding, and vetting, of these critical first steps:

Vision, Mission & Goals
Core Values / Brand
Delivery Concept
30 / 60 / 90 Day Plan

These foundational pillars along with a scalable business name set your business or initiative off on the right track.

$125 per hour or
$200 for a 2 hour session

How To Define Your Difference

Understand your competitive market environment (continuously) and your process map for your offer. Your distinction in the market and with your clients will facilitate its own growth. This is achieved via the following activities:

Market Conditions / Assumptions Analysis
Competitive Market / SWOT Analysis
Customer Journey Map
How to Innovate

Thorough research and analysis is completed in this process and provides a framework to drive your marketing strategy.

$200 per hour or
$350 for a 2 hour session

How To Create Your A-Team

Your people are arguably the most important asset of your business, they should be treated as such. The following tools will provide a new way of thinking about, building, and re-building your team in order to foster a collaborative environment and a productive outcome:

Skill & Motivational Assessment Matrix
Retention & Incentive Strategies
Hiring Plan
Succession Planning

Through collaboration, we identify the skills, talents, and passions you need on your team to reach your business vision.

$125 per hour or
$200 for a 2 hour session

How To Ensure Financial Success

Financials can be the scariest part of starting or scaling your business. I take the fear out of the numbers by reviewing and guiding you through understanding, setting up, and modeling the financial needs for your business. This could include any of the following services:

Pricing Strategy
Financial Forecasts / Modeling / ProForms / Break Even Analysis / Budgeting / Accounting
Financial Statements & Ratios you need to track and measure your business
Revenue Diversification Strategy
Capital Raises & Planning
Passive Income Strategy

* Presentation Design Services

I work with you to ensure you will be financially successful in your business by correctly understanding what your data is trying to tell you.

$200 per hour or
$350 for a 2 hour session

* for investor pitches or capital raises.

How to Streamline Your Operations

I turn chaos into order by leading you through the design or revision of your operational model so you can best serve your clients or deliver your offer. This typically includes one or a combination of the following services:

Customer Journey Map
Customer intake and delivery Tool or System Requirements
Cost / Benefit Analysis for Operational Efficiencies
Research and recommendations on the Tool or System that is best for you.

These tools and more will facilitate the streamlining of your operations and allow you to focus ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ your business.

$150 per hour or
$250 for a 2 hour session

How To Get (or grow) Your Ideal Client

Your marketing strategy ensures that you are communicating your message or story consistently and effectively with your target market. The following key elements are critical:

Target Market / Customer Profile
Brand: Voice / Logo / Color Pallet
Marketing Outlets / Website / Business Cards
Strategic Partnerships / Collaborations
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

* Presentation Design Services

I collaborate with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of your target market and how to adjust or position your offer to meet their needs. I also provide trusted resources and can to refer you to marketing companies that specialize in these areas.

* for investor pitches or marketing campaigns

$150 per hour or
$250 for a 2 hour session

The above six services constitute a complete Business Plan package and starts at $1,600.

Your Checklist & Accountability Partner
For Your Business

I guide you through the administrative items to set up your business to operate and/or scale, this may include any of the above needed services or the administrative start up features such as:

Business License / Structure
Business Bank Accounts
Trademark, Copy write, and Legal considerations
Website / Business Cards
Elevator Pitch
A 30 / 60 / 90 Day Plan

I create a plan and checklist for your new business or business initiative. I serve as a trusted partner for you and provide you access to my network of businesses that specialize in business areas.

$85 per hour or
$150 for a 2 hour session or
Monthly Retainer of $500

1:1 Business Coaching for Your Specific Needs

Discuss (or brain dump) your business challenges and aspirations. All entrepreneurs are swimming in ideas, questions, and advice; let’s work together to give those concerns a little structure and clarity.

$150 per hour or
Monthly Retainer of $500

How To Pitch It Perfect

You typically have one chance to make a pitch - this could be for a prospective client, a new hire, a hiring manager, an investor or more. Don't blow your one chance.

I help you organize your thoughts, give structure to your request, and craft your 'pitch' so that it is presented clearly, succinctly, and with limited opportunities for a 'no'.

$150 per hour

Implementation & Project Management Services

Your business plan, and other key business initiatives will require implementation. I create a roadmap or project plan with your key milestones so you can stay focused, or for implementation needs that match my skillset, I can implement your project or operational system.

A visual roadmap or project plan of the key items you need to accomplish your goals.
System Implementation
Project Management

* Presentation Design Services

* for implementation rollouts with large teams.

$200 per hour or
$350 for a 2 hour session

Special Projects

I offer project management, data analysis, systems integration, documentation, or presentation design for special project needs.

Rate determined based on project

I believe in transparency as well as flexibility; so I list and tailor my pricing according to your specific need.

Good Vibes, Credit Card, Check, & Cash Accepted. (and sometimes trade)

I understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon meeting.

A small sample of Business Clients I’ve served …

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Business Plans


People Strategies


Financial Analyses


Investor Pitches


Marketing Plans


Operational Models