Business Consulting Services to launch or scale your business.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Most business owners have specific needs; the below services have been created to address the specific questions and concerns I can advise on.

The services below constitute a complete business plan; but dependent on the stage of your business needs they may be purchased independently. Each service includes a proprietary guide tailored for your business. These services support and empower you to move confidently in your business goals.


Before you launch or scale your business you should understand your end goal by establishing your:

Business Name
Vision & Mission
Core Values (Brand)
Product / Service Description
Delivery Concept

I collaborate with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of these foundational pillars in order to set your business or your new initiative in your business off on the right track.

$125 per hour or
$200 for a 2 hour session


Your marketing strategy ensures that you are communicating your message or story effectively with your target market. The following key elements are critical:

Target Market / Customer Profile
Brand: Voice / Logo / Color Pallet
Marketing Outlets / Website / Business Cards
Strategic Partnerships / Collaborations
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

* Presentation Design Services

I collaborate with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of your target market and how to adjust or position your product or service to meet their needs. I also provide trusted resources and can to refer you to Marketing companies that specialize in these areas.

* for investor pitches or marketing campaigns

$150 per hour or
$250 for a 2 hour session


I guide you through the tactical and operational items you need to set up your business systems or tools to efficiently operate and/or scale your business, including:

Business License / Structure
Customer Intake and Delivery Tools or System
Legal / Insurance / Business Bank Accounts
Hiring Strategy
Succession Planning

I assist you with the checklist of items you will need to start or launch. I also provide trusted resources and refer your to companies that specialize in each of these areas.

$125 per hour or
$200 for a 2 hour session


For most business owners, this can be the scariest part of starting or scaling a business. I work to take the fear out of the numbers by guiding you through how to understand, set up, and scale the following critical items:

Pricing Strategy
Financial Forecasts / Modeling / ProForms / Break Even Analysis / Budgeting / Accounting
Financial Statements & Ratios you need to track and measure your business
Capital Raises & Planning
Passive Income Strategy

* Presentation Design Services

I work with you to ensure you will be financially successful in your business by correctly understanding what your data is trying to tell you.

* for investor pitches or capital raises.

$225 per hour or
$400 for a 2 hour session


With your foundational pillars in place, I guide you through understanding the competitive market environment and process mapping of your product or service in order to distinguish your business:

Market Conditions / Assumptions Analysis
Competitive Market / SWOT Analysis
Customer Journey Map

Thorough research and analysis is completed in this process and provides a framework to drive your marketing strategy.

$200 per hour or
$350 for a 2 hour session


Once you have a general understanding of the five key areas that make up your business plan, you should feel confident in your ability to launch or scale your business. A roadmap with your key milestones is critical to both staying focused as well as fitting all of your business plans together:

A visual roadmap or project plan of the key items you need to accomplish your goals.

* Presentation Design Services

This puts your marketing, financial, and growth strategies together into targeted tasks to complete your plan.

* for implementation rollouts with large teams.

$200 per hour or
$350 for a 2 hour session

Starting at $1,600 for complete Business Plan.

Special Projects

I offer my project management, data analysis, systems integration, documentation, or presentation design skills to you for special project needs.

Rate determined based on project

Business Coaching

1:1 Business Coaching services available to discuss any general or specific business topic you may have - because sometimes questions don’t fit into a neat little box.

$150 per hour

I believe in transparency as well as flexibility; so I list and tailor my pricing according to your specific need.

I understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon meeting.

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