Retreat! Recharge & Reposition your business

Taking breaks to relax, recharge, and reposition may be one of the most important things you can do to increase productivity, growth, and engagement.

A corporate or business retreat is perfect for team building, enhancing work relationships, improving morale, strategizing, re-establishing a working environment, or celebrating or incentivizing a big success! One of the most enjoyable aspects of a getaway is exploration which is proven to lead to new perspectives critical for any transformational development.


Retreat Logistics

Make your time away from the office unique, valuable, and transformational. Ensure your logistical details are properly accounted for and that you and your team have the right time and space to reflect, prioritize, and strategize. I advise and execute on the retreat preparations needed to make your retreat remarkable. Services include:

Venue & Vendor best practices, referrals, and booking

Itinerary Setting to maximize your time, resources, and retreat goals.

Review & feedback on all preparations and budgets.

Logistics assistance or management.

$125 an hour
Project rates start at $500 and tailored to specific needs.

Agenda Consultation

Ensure your intention, purpose, and agenda are clear. Introduce the latest in the your business, industry and greatest in personal reflection and leadership. I consult, create, and execute on your retreat goals to make your retreat transformational. Services include:

Setting your Retreat Goals

Team Assessments - before your retreat, internal interviews with your team will be conducted to identify the voice and concerns of the team.

Overall design of your retreat vision to exceed your goals

The latest in market trends and personal & professional development best practices

Customized Team Building & Leadership activities and break out excercises

$150 an hour
Project rates start at $700 and tailored to specific needs.

Meeting Facilitation

Establish a balanced open, honest and candid conversations on specific business topics or professional development activities to achieve peak performance. I assist in creating a high level of participation from your team, managing conflicts, and bringing a new set of perspectives and strengths to the group. 

Open and moderate discussions & interactive activities around the pre-defined agenda topics or goals. Ask about the Facilitation Topics for areas of expertise that myself or team can bring.

Optimize participation with the objective of substantive thinking.

Document key agreements, decisions, processes, or planning. Strive to prioritize actions.

Summarize key learnings. When appropriate, assign roles and responsibilities, timelines, and next steps.

$175 an hour
Project rates start at $900 and tailored to specific needs.

Starting at $1,500 for Retreat Logistics, Agenda Consultation, & Facilitation package.
Pricing tailored based on retreat size & needs. 

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