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I’m mostly a mom to two beautiful girls, followed by a wife to a husband who is a killer cook, I’m also a consultant who loves the rush of helping others visualize and enact their dream. I’ve been told I’m a hustler - both in a card game and in the workload I manage. I’m a small town girl with big city dreams and a global environmental mindset.

Pomegranate Consulting:

started in 2013 because my deepest passion is coaching and consulting others in effective planning, analyzing, and performing in order to achieve their goals. 

With eight years of business education and 10+ years of corporate experience, you can expect attentive listening to your needs, followed by tailored action oriented solutions for you.  I thrive on delivering business execution and professional coaching.


  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Environmentalism

  • Organization & Communication

  • Flexibility

Why Pomegranate? because they are amazing! They have a tough skin (needed for this type of work) but when opened they reveal countless beautifully, meticulously packed seeds, this is the sense of amazement I strive for with Pomegranate Consulting.

I look forward to working with you either locally in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, virtually through the power of computing, or by traveling to you! 


Credentials: because those should matter to you

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Chico State: B.S. in Business Administration with focus on Managing Information Systems and Human Resource Management

San Francisco State: Masters in Business Administration with focus on Decision Sciences and Public Policy.

Continuing Pursuit of Unlimited Knowledge from the school of: Google, Pinterest, & Podcasts

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15 years of marketing, events, and strategy work with Wells Fargo.

6 years of running Pomegranate Consulting & Pomegranate Occasions.